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The END-Labs team is both a facilitator and issuer of real world asset pools in DeFi. As a facilitator, END-Labs works with issuers to handle all blockchain related technology. As an issuer, END-Labs operates END-Bridge, which creates, operates, and maintains real world asset pools. The ultimate goal is an application and protocol stack that enables borrowers to identify sources of capital with the lowest costs and/or terms optimized for the assets they wish to use as collateral.

about us

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END-Labs connects fiat-native borrowers and institutional DeFi capital, driving greater capital efficiencies. We believe that Web3 is an evolution of the Internet, and it is inevitable that the credit industry will adopt Web3 rails resulting in increased access to capital and lower cost of capital globally. We are building these rails to provide lending infrastructure to borrowers, lenders, and those that service them. END-Labs is creating an application-specific blockchain to support numerous decentralized applications that work in unison and with other decentralized applications across the blockchain multiverse to achieve our mission. Much like Plaid, Stripe, and Block have built Web2 fintech infrastructure, End-Labs seeks to become the Web3 infrastructure provider of choice for the credit industry. Our first protocol will be a borrower optimization protocol (BOP), designed to aggregate stablecoin liquidity for asset backed coins (ABC’s). This protocol will provide decentralized ratings and standardized vaults to help DeFi more easily scale into real world assets. We have two teams that contribute to building our blockchain applications, an engineering team and a capital markets team. The END-Labs engineering team is focused on building an application and protocol stack that seamlessly facilitates the collaborative efforts of intermediaries (underwriters, strategists, servicers, etc.). END-Capital, our capital markets team, works with counterparties to analyze assets, structure agreements, establish on-ramps and off-ramps handling all blockchain-related technology. As an issuer, END-Capital creates, operates, and maintains real-world asset pools using a variety of tokenization and payment platforms.

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