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END-Labs is a technology and product development company focused on building the future of borrowing through defi protocol primitives, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and enterprise application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Our Approach

An automated borrower-optimized lending protocol controlled by a DAO and financially structured.

Capital as a Service API

DAO governance

Borrower optimization protocol

Decentralized network of data & financial experts



The fintech lending industry has been on a 10-year trajectory to offer capital as a service through embedded finance by exchanging capital for data.

The Protocol

Borrower Optimization Protocol

A protocol that will continuously source the lowest cost of capital from a wide variety of sources based on the asset class.

  • 1
    Rate asset and associated risk
  • 2
    Tokenize the asset
  • 3
    Pledge the tokenized asset as collateral
  • 4
    Withdraw funds
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Application Programming Interfaces

Our APIs abstract all token and blockchain technology from enterprises and provide a simple solution to access capital at their lowest cost of capital.

Capital API

Pledge assets for funding.

Risk API

Risk assessment by industry experts.

Insurance API

Underwrite risk as needed.

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